Incapacity Planning

What’s The Difference Between Power Of Attorney And A Guardianship?

Our goal is to draft the appropriate documents to avoid any future guardianship. A power of attorney is one part of that plan, but setting up a trust for your assets may be another part of that plan. A guardianship is one of the more expensive court procedures if it is contested in any way. It will involve expert witnesses, fact witnesses, and other documentary evidence.

What Is The Role Of A Trust In Incapacity Planning?

A trust can hold property with specific instructions on how to manage that property in the event of incapacity. With a broad power of attorney, and properly drafted trust provisions, there would be no reason for a court to be involved.

What Is A Living Will?

A Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates is often referred to as a “living will.” This is the legal document that makes your wishes known to your family and your doctors so that there will be no argument about when and how you want to be kept on life support.

Why Should I Have A Living Will?

Some of the most heartbreaking decisions occur at end of life. Your family can rest assured that they are doing what you wanted them to do.

Can I Make Changes To My Living Will?

Like your will, a “living will” or Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates can be changed at any time throughout your lifetime.

What Happens If I Become Incapacitated Before Developing An Incapacity Plan?

If you do not have an incapacity plan, your family may have to seek guardianship of you. Guardianship can only be granted by a court, with an attorney filing the application and attending hearings. The court will also appoint a separate attorney to represent the proposed ward (the incapacitated person) at the hearings. The family, and anyone challenging the guardianship, will need to hire expert medical witnesses. The family is paying all of these costs.

How Does Incapacity Planning Make Things Easier For My Family?

With incapacity planning in place, it is unlikely that any court involvement will be necessary. Your family can take care of your business interests, pay your bills, or sell your car if necessary. You get to choose who makes your decisions about medical issues, such as whether you can stay at home with nursing care or if you need to go to a skilled nursing facility. Why do families fight? Sometimes it is about money, but most often the argument centers on differing opinions on what mom or dad wanted. Why not make it clear for them?

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