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What is an Asset Protection Trust?

An asset protection trust can be drafted in many different ways for different situations. Generally, a trust can have asset protection qualities when it refers to certain statutory protections, contains properly drafted spendthrift provisions, and/or contains proper designations of trustees for discretionary distributions. Will I Lose Control of My Assets? We design trusts so that…

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What is Asset Protection Planning?

There are several levels of asset protection. You can protect your own assets from your own creditors. Also, you can plan to protect the assets that will be distributed to your beneficiaries. There are also several tools used for asset protection. Forming a corporation or LLC is one tool used for asset protection. Holding property…

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What is Asset Protection and How Do the Laws Apply in Texas?

Planning for the Future Asset protection is protecting your property from lawsuits, creditors, and predators. Obviously, people want protection from lawsuits, but that is a relatively rare event for most people. What many people don’t realize is that asset protection is also a means to protect the property that you will ultimately give to your…

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