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Are Gun Raffles Legal in Texas?

Many of our clients have seen gun raffles. Is this legal in Texas? Well, it depends on who is conducting the raffle. Read More at our Texas NFA Gun Trust website.

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The Fourth Amendment Protects Owners of NFA Firearms

Many gun owners are under the mistaken belief that a registered owner of NFA firearms, such as a suppressors, short-barreled rifles, or short-barreled shotguns, is subject to unwarranted searches of their residence by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). This is simply not true. Read More at our Texas NFA Gun Trust…

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Should I Assign My Non-NFA Firearms to My Gun Trust?

Many of our clients want to know whether they should assign their non-NFA firearms to their Texas NFA gun trust. The short answer is “it depends.” We have listed a few reasons why you should consider assigning your non-NFA firearms to your gun trust. First, it depends on how many non-NFA firearms you have. We…

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