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Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the amazing work that you did for me. I will definitely recommend you to others and would call on you if ever needed."

— Armandina M.
Kyle, Texas

"Good service with Jim and Tracy, they both are very responsive and thorough. He laid out all the alternatives. He delivered on what he said he would deliver. He also did other services for me and was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He helped me out a ton and walked me through everything. I really think a lot of him. It is comforting to know that if we need anything we can pick up the phone and have them walk us through anything we need."

— Rick C.
Austin, Texas

"I have always used them because he was recommended to me for a trust and I called him at 4 pm on a Friday, and he was on vacation, but he called me right when he said he would at 8 am Monday. He took care of me and all my needs that very day and I have and will continue to use him. Jim is personable and kind and does a great job."

— David S.
Waco, Texas

"I had the good fortune to select Jim Willi to prepare Trust and Will documents for me when I moved to Austin from California as the prior documents were no longer valid and, in fact, were found to be incomplete. Mr. Willi explained everything I needed in a most thorough and understandable way. Personally, I found him to be congenial and a person who puts the client at ease from the beginning. He is a good listener and asks all the important questions to obtain a clear picture of what is needed. I am happy to recommend Jim to anyone needing legal services."

— Raymond Z.
Austin, Texas

"Jim has done a fantastic job for us. Not only was he super quick with his paperwork, but I was able to speak with him directly each time I called. He responded to emails within the hour. And this quick service wasn't just while he was doing our paperwork. I've had follow up questions via email and calls, and he has taken each one. I would recommend him to any friend or family member who needs estate planning."

— Bryan P.
Austin, Texas

"These folks were super informative and flexible to meet when we could. We were able to do a phone consultation and with my husband’s work schedule that made things really easy. They were very intelligent and worked with us to make sure we got everything done properly. Really thankful we were to handle everything except the signing over the phone! Feels great to have this sorted for our family."

— Sarah R.
Houston, Texas

"Jim's courtesy, professionalism, and attention to detail in complex matters involving law and human relations is very impressive. I remain a pleased and satisfied client."

— Stuart M.
Dripping Springs, Texas

"They are friends of ours and very friendly. I knew they would do a great job, and they did. I worked with both Jim and Tracy and felt comfortable and informed."

— Honey P.
Belton, Texas

"I mainly worked with Jim, but Tracy was just as helpful. They helped me set up my LLC, and the process was painless. Everything was prepared just as they said it would be, and it made it really easy and simple for me. I would use them again or tell anyone that is looking to use them as well."

— Rafael B.
Austin, Texas

"Mrs. Willi is very knowledgeable regarding real estate related questions. She is patient and willing to help the clients all the time. Highly recommended!"

— Dayong Y.
Austin, Texas

"Thanks so much for all you help, this process was so much easier than I expected and I will be referring all my friends to you."

— Austin G.
Austin, Texas

“James is very quick to respond and follows up to make sure everything was done to your satisfaction. Highly recommended."

— Derreck B.

"They were great and Mrs. Willi did all my paperwork and planning. I will be using them again very soon. She handled my trust and wills with ease and broad knowledge. We were very happy with her work and we have already told many friends to use them."

— Don E.
Austin, Texas

"Top notch service, I highly recommend Willi Law Firm!"

— Justin C.

“It was a great working with the Willi's. Tracy made me feel at ease and did everything for me. I already have told anyone looking to use them and their services as they were educated and quick."

— Gary G.

"The Willi's were wonderful. I would say they were professional and even their kids were helpful as far as helping with being witnesses that we needed. We had our living estate done and everything went just as I had hoped."

— Michael B.
New Braunfels, Texas

“They explained the entire process and he was a confident lawyer and knew his stuff. Communication was thorough and overall it was good."

— Carmon G.
Austin, Texas

“Getting an appointment with the Willi's was so easy. I called in and they were available right away. They handled everything for me and communication never failed during my time working with them."

— Mark W.

"I have worked with both of them in the past. They both are professional and easy to work with. As far as communication and questions goes anything that I needed answered was done quickly and that made for a smooth process."

— Andy N.
College Station, Texas

"It was a pleasure and they made things simple. They explain things very well and they are amazing people. Not pretentious and they put me right as ease."

— William R.

"I am telling everyone I know to use them. She went through everything that I needed and redid my previous one because it was messed up and Tracy fixed it all for me and made me feel very special. She put me at ease about the way it was done. They were recommended to me by my family lawyer because it was something they couldn’t handle. I really trust them and felt like they took care of me and my needs."

— Judy W.
Austin, Texas

"They were thorough and helpful and did exactly what I needed in a timely manner."

— Sherilynn P.
Austin, Texas

“They seemed very personable and easy to talk to. They got things done exactly like they said they would and it was in a timely fashion."

— Danielle V.
Austin, Texas

“You will almost always have questions. I felt that the question/answer sessions with Jim are worth the fee he is charging for the entire procedure! He is bilingual. He speaks legal/lawyer as well as layman (talks to you in a manner that a non-lawyer person can fully understand). He welcomes ongoing Q and A. This is important because he knows he is giving you a lot of information and that most likely your level of comprehension is higher for some people and less for others and he seems to genuinely want you to be fully informed.

Trust a great professional in his business and passion for his business.

I do, and have, recommended him to family and friends. A true class act!"

— James L.

“Thank you, Tracy. As hard as something like this is, you have been a great help and lessened the burden."

— Marilyn H.
Dripping Springs, Texas

"First of all Willi Law Firm put together an iron clad Living Trust for me that I am so pleased with, as Tracy considered my situation and offered options. A great experience, I must say.

Second, I can't say enough about the help I received on a sticky situation involving another trust for which I was beneficiary, and Tracy jumped in, communicated with the probate attorney that was involved so well that this case suddenly took on a whole new light. She offered up a solution that we moved on, and I have 100% confidence that this was worked out the very best it could. The rest is all downhill from here, thanks to the Willi Law Firm. I can breathe a sigh of relief now. I am being sincere. I highly, highly recommend this law firm!"

— Gary G.

"James Willi was a fantastic help to me and my family in setting up a trust. He made the process easy, responding very quickly both to my initial inquiry from his website. He also provided thorough counsel, answered my many questions about the process and by the end of the day had our documents prepared and ready to sign."

— Chris J.

"The Willi Law firm gave excellent service for a trust. I would recommend their services."

— Jeff E.

"The process was very easy. Tracy prepared all of my trust for me and made me feel at ease. She was wonderful and made the entire thing feel simple. I did not have to do a thing."

— Bob R.
Austin, Texas

"The James Willi law firm is a first-rate organization. I contacted Jim because a family member recommended him. It has been nothing short of an outstanding experience. To be honest, Jim has reframed my preconceptions about lawyers and in fact, if more lawyers were like Jim, they wouldn't have such a bad reputation. Here's why Jim Willi is an OUTSTANDING lawyer. 1) He is exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of trusts. (This is the specific area I needed assistance, so it's what I can speak to.) He is not only knowledgeable in the law-aspect, but he is an enthusiast himself and has gone through the various gov't processes himself. 2) There were a few times, where I had a question about something and I expected an answer the next day or next business day, but no, they chose to call me within 30 minutes. For example, the very first time I emailed Jim Willi and said I really wanted to move forward on a Trust, it was on a Saturday evening when I sent that email. Less than an hour later, Tracy calls me and said, "We were in the office and I saw your email, so I just decided to go ahead and call you." I was blown away. That was my first experience with them. Since then it has been the same. I email them with questions, and they call me with answers. Even at 8:15 PM on a Friday night. Before 9:00 PM Jim called me from his mobile phone to assist me. What business does this in these days? None, that's who. That wasn't the first time, they called me late in the evening, just to make sure my questions were answered. Then when it came time to file my paperwork, I had some difficulty. I emailed them again, and thought, well I'll hear back on Monday because it is late Friday night. I was wrong. He did call me to help me. Jim walked me through the entire process of filing my paperwork with the gov't (ATF) and answered every single question. So you may be thinking, "Well you probably paid him a ton of money, of course he's going to call you." WRONG AGAIN. Not only was Jim's pricing completely fair, they gave me a military discount and made it an AMAZING deal. It's evident they appreciate what our military has done and is doing. I am thoroughly pleased with Jim and Tracy Willi. They are an amazing team. They are fully trustworthy, and I have no doubt that he handles my case with respect, integrity and a sense of urgency.

You cannot beat that. You may find others, but there is ONE lawyer that will handle all my Trusts needs and that is Jim and Tracy Willi. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Jim, if you read this, I hope that it helps because you have been so helpful, so willingly helpful. I cannot thank you enough. God bless you sir."

— Robert S.

"Mr. Willi prepared my Trust. Instead of a boilerplate where I filled in a few items and someone, maybe a clerk, prepared the documents, Mr. Willi himself insisted on personally speaking with me. Mr. Willi took the time to tell me what I could and could not do and how a properly prepared trust would protect me and my family. He explained his fees right up front and described the services I would receive, beyond the basic trust documents. He carefully explained the documents I would receive, how to use the documents, where and how to store them. He then advised me on how to properly use the trust, so that I would receive the full benefit. Mr. Willi was available for followup questions and never acted as if his time was too valuable to speak with me. I fully recommend Mr. Willi and his firm for trust services."

—Dave M.

"James provided excellent, sound advice in a timely fashion and at a great price. I strongly recommend his firm. The trust he prepared for me is still relevant and useful today, and his timely updates are always spot on with my needs."

— Gary S.

"Attorney James Willi provided excellent and attentive customer service. The process of establishing a trust could not have been any easier. I felt well informed and confident in our exchange. The firm's consultation and professionalism were pleasant and I do highly recommend."

— Phillip H.

"Thanks for making the overall trust process smooth and painless. It was worth every penny. I know my friends feel the same way."

— Ryan K.

"We recently had Tracy and Jim Willi completely redo our wills and trusts and we were extremely pleased with the results. Their attention to every detail was quite remarkable and their suggestions were thoughtful and creative. We would recommend them without reservation."

—Steve L.
Driftwood, Texas

“I cannot say enough about Jim Willi and the services that he offers. After having purchased an online generic trust elsewhere and becoming concerned with the quality and accuracy of that product, I came across Jim and his services. The difference between the two cannot be described in words. I now have confidence in my trust and have peace of mind that my assets and family will be secure. I was so impressed with Jim and his expertise, I will be using the Willi Law Firm for all of my legal needs going forward! Thanks Jim, you have a fan and client for life!!!”

— Joey M.
Crowley, Texas

“Attorney James Willi is a phenomenal resource. His rates are extremely reasonable and he has full command of NFA law as I've encountered. Honest trustworthy and responsive. A highly recommended professional.”

— Ben L.

“Use to prepare NFA gun trust. At no additional charge, Jim reviewed and corrected form submitted to ATF for the suppressor. No issues. After the wait for approval was able to legally make my suppressor.”

— Bill W.

“James helped me to set up an NFA trust and I could not have asked for a better experience. All of my questions and concerns were answered and continue to be answered. Do not hesitate to use James Willi!”

—Brad F.

“Personal service given over the internet at very reasonable prices. I have hired numerous law firms in my forty-plus years of business. The Willi Law Firm specialized in establishing an NFA trust for us and communicated with us by phone and by email to get every detail correct. They also talked us through signing the documents and properly filing them and educated us on the right way to administer an NFA trust going forward. We could not be more pleased with their service.”

— Jack H.

“I had the Willi Law Firm do my NFA trust. Jim Willi did such a good, quick and reasonable job, I used them for my Revocable Living Trust. In this case, Tracy Willi did the work. She was awesome. It was done with the utmost professionalism. Better than that, once we were ‘done’, there is much more to do. Like moving accounts, houses and such into the trust. She always answered my emails an calls quickly, and with precise answers. I would not hesitate to use them. I was not left out in the cold, being billed for hours for every question I had.

On a side note, I discovered two friends of mine had used them as well. One for the NFA Trust and one for both the NFA Trust and Revocable Living Trust. Both of them were very pleased in working with them.

A great Law Firm. I would highly recommend.”

— David H.

“I went with a gun trust for several reasons, but mostly so my wife could legally open the safe with the NFA stuff in it when I wasn’t home. If you’re interested in a trust I highly recommend James N. Willi in Austin. He’s the only lawyer I’ve ever dealt with that did exactly what he said he would do, when he said he would do it, and for the price he quoted.”

— Don C. (Executive Directive, Charitable Foundation)
Marble Falls, Texas

“Very easy and simple to work with to setup NFA trust and walked me through all steps.”

— William W.

“Thank you Mr. Willi for emailing me all the documents and the detailed message explaining everything. This will make this process much easier for me! I greatly appreciate everything and the knowledge I was able to gain from you today!”

— Austin D.
Cedar Park, Texas

“Thank you very much for all your help. You will come very highly recommended when I talk to other gun owners in the future.”

— Troy R.
San Angelo, Texas

“Hello Jim and Tracy. I am an attorney admitted in the State of Indiana, and I have been employed as a Bank Trust Officer for over 30 years. Based on my education, my Indiana Bar Membership and my 30+ years of Trust experience, I am qualified to prepare my own Estate Planning and Trust documents. However, I have never done so, because I truly believe in the old adage. 'An attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.' Based on my perusal, I am very impressed with the quality of your NFA Trust Document Package, your professional attention to detail and also with your prompt reply to my personal needs."

— Jon H. (Vice President, Large Bank Trust & Estate Department)
Dallas, Texas


We believe each family is unique and that your family dynamics and personal circumstances should be carefully considered when designing your plan.

Our goal is to understand your concerns, your goals, and your family’s needs. Our caring and compassionate approach to these important matters will allow you to comfortably explore your options and make informed decisions.


To provide quality and personalized estate plans which provide families the levels of protection which meet their individual needs. We consistently strive to maintain a highest levels of customer service by remaining attentive to your needs.

Why Us?

We are committed to putting our clients first. Our law firm realizes that clients are entrusting us with matters that are most important to them.

Let us help your family. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Willi Law Firm, P.C.
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The attorneys at Willi Law Firm are your Austin, Texas resource for estate planning, wills, living trusts, firearms trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, probate and estate administration, trust administration, special needs trusts, disability planning, Medicaid applications and qualification, long-term care planning, elder law, Medicaid crisis planning, charitable planning, estate tax planning, business and corporate planning, business succession and sales, and asset protection.

Willi Law Firm proudly serves Central Texas individuals and families in the following counties: Bastrop, Bell, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Lampasas, Lee, Travis, and Williamson, and in the following communities: Austin, Bastrop, Belton, Brushy Creek, Buda, Burnet, Cedar Park, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Elgin, Georgetown, Hutto, Jollyville, Kyle, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Lampasas, Leander, Lockhart, Luling, Manchaca, Manor, Marble Falls, New Braunfels, Oak Hill, Pfugerville, Rollingwood, Round Rock, San Marcos, Seguin, Shady Hollow, Spicewood, Taylor, Temple, Wells Branch, Westlake, Windemere, and Wimberley.

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